Commercial Gas and Electrical Engineer

We cover all commercial property: housing, schools, offices, restaurants, bars, shops and even churches.

Our fair prices, and extensive knowledge of commercial gas and electrical engineering makes us the ideal choice for your business. Whatever type of commercial property you manage, we have the experience to undertake and complete your project.

Specialist Commercial Catering Gas and Electrical Engineer

We cover all commercial catering: bars, pubs, restaurants, canteens, mobile catering.

Gesti have over ten years experience working in the commercial catering industry fitting, maintaining, repairing and inspecting commercial catering gas appliances and electrics in all types of commercial catering establishments. Keeping your business running smoothly and working efficiently is our priority.

Domestic Gas and Electrical Engineer

We cover all gas and electrical needs for your home. 

We are have over ten years experience across London and the South East making homes, however large or small, safer and more efficient – giving you peace of mind and saving you money. 

Get a free quote and advice:

We offer unbiased, down-to earth advice and free quotes for all your gas and electrical needs. If you don’t need any work, we’ll say so and if the situation is critical we’ll tell you straight.

Expert service:

We use the latest engineering techniques and technology, when you hire a Gesti gas and electrical engineer you know you’re making your business or home safer and more efficient.

Value for money:

All our quotes are competitively and fairly priced.

What we do:

  • Inspections and surveying
  • Testing and certifying
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Installing gas and electrics
  • Gas pipe work including tightness testing, strength testing and purging
  • Catering installations – full installations, commercial cookers, frying etc
  • Central heating installed, serviced and repaired

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